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Artiste: Wynne Parkin

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Wynne grew up in Montreal in the 1960’s in a house full of fine art and colourful tapestries. Her mother was a strong willed Independent trailblazer and her father an artistic inventor and WW II vet. In her childhood years Wynne whiled away the hours exploring the bugs, plants and nature in her parents backyard.

 She went on to study graphic design in Montreal and eventually ended up in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico a baroque and neoclassical city thats attracts artists and writers from around the world to study fine arts. Soon thereafter, Wynne travelled across the globe to Sharm El Shiek in Egypt to spend months scuba diving in the red sea.  It was here that her love of saturated colours and dynamic patterns was formed.  “I was in awe and inspired by the fish patterns and colour combinations of the Picasso like trigger fish. Picasso was my mother’s favourite painter and undoubtedly a big influence in my formative years ».

 “I like to believe I paint fantasy and reality by creating a narrative that challenges the rational order of things. I often use my dreams as a source of unleashing my creativity.  We are all energy and I try to capture that magic in paint.”

Wynne’s work can be found in galleries across Canada and is held in several private and corporate collections including Canadian House of Parliament”s Justice Building. She was honoured to have NDP leader Jack layton purchase his portrait for his office on Parliament hill. Her work is also in the lobby of the Ontario Federation of Labour. 

Wynne now resides in Lac-Megantic, Quebec where she paints plein air her woodland inspired surrealist compositions.  “I paint fantasy and reality creating a narrative that challenges the rational order of things.  I often use my dreams as a source of unleashing creativity.  We are all energy and I try to capture that magic in paint.”

My purpose as an artist is to connect with the healing power of the natural world and to encourage others to do the same.  Nature is alive and infused with spirit.  It beckons us to return from our world of noisy distractions and be restored.  I constantly seek to reconnect with this spirit of nature through creating art. 

My art is an expression of my reverence for living things.  While I quietly observe and study wildlife, forests, water, and skies, the ordinary world around me is transformed by light and shadow into something sublime and magical.  My goal is to transcend literal representation and express the spirit and joy of life in nature.  Through my wildlife and landscape paintings, I intend to convey the deep magic and mystery of all living creatures’ inner beings.  I see myself not as an imitator of the natural world, but an interpreter of it.  My painting technique involves simplification, abstraction, vibrant colours, and attention to patterns and stylized shapes to create an impression of what I saw and felt.  My art is a way to share my experience of the healing power of nature with whoever stops to look.

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