Etienne Verreault is a blacksmith/cutler passionate about working with this fascinating object. He designs his knives from A to Z starting from a coarse steel he transforms this material to obtain a functional knife with a design and personalized finishes. He loves to share his passion, he offers one-day to 3-day courses to the public from 8 years old, he invites you to make your knife through all the stages from forging to finishing.

“Cutlery, for me, is more than a profession, an art that teaches you a lot about yourself; perseverance, observation and creation.

You find in your knife not only the object, but also your failures, your joys and your pride… I like to share this passion and that’s why I propose to make your own knife with me in the form of training” Étienne Verreault – Artisan cutler

Adress : 265 rang des Grenier, Piopolis

Equipment needed

No equipment or experience necessary


Integral Knife

At the forge, you will learn all the processes to transform and make the steel strong enough. From a piece of steel, you will make your simple knife.

$275 – 1 day

The Stock Removal

Cutlery initiation training. From a steel plate, you will make your blade and you will choose your materials for the manufacturing of the handle as well as your case. *Obtaining a knife by removing material.

$495 – 3 days

Traditional Forge Knife

This training gives you the opportunity to create your own knife from A to Z: from blacksmithing techniques to the design of your case. Your project will be that of our artisan cutler: you will choose the design, the materials for the handle and the accessories for the finish.

$590 – 3 days


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