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At the heart of a magnificent and natural region where numerous hidden treasures lie, cottage rental agency Foressence offers you pleasure and peace of mind, whether you’re a traveller or a property owner.

To find a cottage and to design a unique stay for you, or to manage your property’s rentals while ensuring easy profitability with its turnkey services, Foressence takes care of all the details to guarantee memorable experiences.


the experiences

Experiences make all the difference when you travel to a cottage! With our carefully selected partnerships, we offer a variety of experiences you can enjoy during your vacation.

For the sports enthusiasts. we’ve uncovered experts to allow you to perfect your techniques. For those seeking calm and relaxation, at-home massage services or a visit to the downtown spa will surely provide you with a sense of well-being. For the curious, a wide variety of workshops will allow you to discover the flora, wildlife, our starlit sky and the singularities of our beautiful region.


Manawa SUP

‘’To live in the moment’’ is a lifestyle for Manawa SUP, whose origins are rooted in Hawaiian culture. Fitness and yoga classes on the water, starlit escapes, adventures beginning right outside your cottage… our team will make you discover the infinite possibilities of paddle boarding on the region’s  various bodies of water while discovering the beauty of the natural surroundings. Pleasure guaranteed!


Miel L’Été Doré

We offer you highly warm encounters that will take place in the magnificent gardens of Tammy-Lyne. An opportunity to discuss the fabulous insect that is the bee and the treasures of the hive.


EV Artisan Coutelier

Etienne Verreault is an artisan blacksmith / cutler passionate about the work of this fascinating object. He designs his knives from A to Z starting from a coarse steel he transforms this material to obtain a functional knife with a design and personalized finishes.

It is for this passion that he wishes to be shared, that he offers courses from one day to 3 days to the public from 8 years old, he invites you to train your knife through all the stages of the forge to the finishing touches. .